Apparently the baby name website I have been using for YEARS to help name my characters has shut down.

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Powell’s City of Books sales table claims another victim. 

I am weak.

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Wanting to look up what a broken mouth looks like for a story…

…yet not wanting to be subject to ALL the pictures Google images is going to show you.

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Cactus Heart Press « spiny exterior, succulent interior 

I think I might have posted about this magazine before. They’re accepting submission for a speculative issue right now. Get on it!

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I attempted one of those character profiles tonight, or whatever they’re called. You know, the thing that asks you a million questions of stuff you’re supposed to know about your character. I got about 7 questions in before I started reading down the list saying “irrelevant, irrelevant,…

I don’t find character profiles a waste of time, I find it easier to put down the details, I have so many (Over 700) so character profiles are a MUST for me in order to keep track of them all.

Please don’t say they are a waste of time, there are those who have to either use them or do find them useful. It’s alright if YOU don’t like them and don’t want to use them. But there are people who do and to tell someone they are a waste of time is an unhelpful tooltip and leads new writers down a terrible dark hole which can turn into frustration.

Being a writer is all about finding your comfort zone, and your niche to what makes your writing experience easier, or more enjoyable and for some using things like outlines, profiles & summaries helps to keep things going along so you don’t get caught chasing your tail half-way through the writing process.

-end two cents-

I did say that I personally find character profiles to be a waste of time. AND I said if you’re just doing a writing exercise to PUT OFF actually writing, it’s not helpful. I PERSONALLY find it more helpful to meet the character through the story than answering a bunch of questions I find irrelevant. 

I’ve said multiple times on my blog that new writers should take any advice (from me or otherwise) with a grain of salt. There is no right way to write. I expressed an opinion, I wasn’t trying to “lead new writers down a terrible dark hole.”

I only ever try to be encouraging. I tell you guys what works for me because that’s all I know.

Keep writing, ladies and gents!

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I think I might record myself reading Part 1 of Howl….and then maybe post it on here if I like it.

You know…to put off revising my thesis.

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Today is a revision day. Dun-dun-dun!

Today is a revision day. Dun-dun-dun!

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I’m not sure what I’ll do, but— well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.

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My revision isn’t done but I sure am.

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Corrections by Grant Snider.


Corrections by Grant Snider.

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